Niki Leone

About Niki Leone

The Millennial Chef story truly revolves around my family. I am the youngest of three girls, with an Irish/Luxembourgish mother and an Italian father. I grew up in Bucks County Pennsylvania with my sisters, parents, and our dog Sammy. My upbringing was special; picturesque really. We hosted all of the holidays for our extended families at our home, my mom made us home-cooked meals that we ate together as a family every night at 6pm, and we loved talking about food. When we were eating breakfast, we were talking about lunch, then at lunch we'd be conversing over what was for dinner, and so on. Our family dynamic centered around food and it's where my passion for food derives from.

Niki and Mike

Fast forward to 2014 when my life completely changed. I moved to the lower east side of Manhattan and discovered an entirely new culinary world. I was eating at some of the best restaurants in the country, meeting chefs, cooks, and folks in the industry, and learning about cultures I had never heard of before. From there, I began honing in on my culinary skills as I started cooking dinner every night for my roommate and me. I noticed that my recipes had similar ingredients and themes as the ones I was raised eating, yet they were a bit easier, healthier, and had a newer twist to them. From there, The Millennial Chef was born. My recipes are healthy, easy, AND traditional. They will make you feel nostalgic, and also inspire you to try something new.

My collection of recipes are ever-changing and I'm always eager to hear your feedback. Please head to the contact tab and shoot me an email if there are any recipes you'd like me to create.